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Casey's Diner Restoration

Growing up in New Bedford Ma. I moved to Natick in 2015 after my tenure as Preservation Manager at Historic New England. Casey's was among the first places my soon-to-be wife took me for lunch. I couldn't believe how small the place was. I was used to behemoths like the Orchid Diner and the Shawmut Diner, both being 50 footers with full bar and booths. This place was much different.

Sliding open the old pocket door, my fiance' and I sat elbow to elbow with complete strangers as I glanced up at the menu. The overly casual guy in the Celtics jersey was leaning against the walk-up window behind the counter and was tending to customers while simultaneously having a conversation about last night's game with the older gentleman at the end of the counter.

"What can i getcha" he asked

"Umm...a couple dogs...? I was a seasoned hot dog expert considering dogs are the staple lunch of where i grew up.

"What do you want on em?" he asked.

I glanced over at what was in his small square receptacles. Mustard, Relish, Ketchup to be found.

"I'll have 2 of whatever you got over there" I said..."a bag of chips and a ginger ale"

"TWO ALL AROUND, A BAG OF SALT, AND A GINGER ALE! he shouted (pronounced with the short G sound instead of the strong J.)

And so it love of and journey to Casey's for lunch whenever I was working in the area.

Fast forward almost 10 years later...

In November 2024, Casey's was hit by a delivery truck causing damage to the awning and service window. I decided to head down and check it out for myself.

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